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Great value SIM cards for travelers to the USA

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USA SIM card deal

  • Unlimited calls & texts in the USA
  • Unlimited international texts
  • 2GB of high-speed 4G data
  • No long term contract (month-to-month)

Only $29

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Unlimited USA Calls & Texts

Unlimited Minutes & Texts

Make calls and send as many texts as you like to other USA numbers.

*Unlimited calling if Fair Use. If average number of minutes each month exceeds 1,000 minutes for two consecutive months, the line will be suspended.

1GB 4G Data

2GB 4G Data

Connect to your online world at super-fast 4G speeds* with a generous 2GB bundle. With no overage, the plan will throttle to 2G when the bundle limit is reached

*subject to available coverage

Only $29 per month

Only $29 per month

Pay a low monthly rate and you can keep it for as little as 30 days or as long as you like.

Start talking in 5 easy steps

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  1. Place your order online today
  2. Have your SIM delivered to your home or a destination in the USA
  3. Insert your SIM card into your phone
  4. Start using calls and texts and high speed data
  5. Turn it off when you're done - 30 day rolling contract

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Use your own smartphone

Put SIMsmart USA SIM cards in any unlocked smartphone

Keeping the familiarity of your own phone, using all of your own apps and keeping all of your contacts is possibly the most important thing of all when traveling abroad.

SIMsmart USA will work in any unlocked phone so you can take advantage of our excellent offers without having to buy another device.

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Use your own smartphone